Dustin Ingram


The Problem

Vagrant is more or less magic. That’s why I was disappointed to find that if your Vagrantfile depends on any plugins, your magic goes from:

vagrant up


vagrant plugin install some-plugin
vagrant plugin install another-plugin
vagrant plugin install still-more-plugins
vagrant up

There’s a lot of hacky solutions to this all over the internet, as well as a lot of closed issue requests and defunct “Bundler”-esque projects attempting to fix this, but none are a clean, elegant solution which won’t pollute your Vagrantfile.

The Solution

There’s an intentionally undocumented feature of Vagrant introduced in v1.7 which gives us a solution: Vagrant will execute the contents of a .vagrantplugins file before attempting to execute the Vagrantfile. Put the following snippet in this file (updating the plugin list accordingly) and then a vagrant up will be all you need:

required_plugins = %w(

needs_restart = false
required_plugins.each do |plugin|
  unless Vagrant.has_plugin? plugin
    system "vagrant plugin install #{plugin}"
    needs_restart = true

if needs_restart
  exec "vagrant #{ARGV.join' '}"

The beauty of this snippet is that it only restarts the vagrant process once, and only if plugins needed to be installed.

PS, One More Thing

You can list your currently installed plugins with:

vagrant plugin list


Thanks to mkuzmin for this tip.